moladi to accompany President Jacob Zuma to Senegal

moladi to accompany President Jacob Zuma to Senegal

We are honoured that moladi has been invited to accompany President Jacob Zuma on his State visit to Dakar Senegal. This opens the opportunity for moladi to export to the French speaking countries in Africa, providing them with much needed technology to address their need of affordable mass housing and above all, create employment for the unemployed in doing so. Not only in Dakar, but also in South Africa.

You are welcome to read more about our philosophy and how we approach projects of this nature - Imagination For People - Social Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid
moladi President Jacob Zuma

moladi to accompany President Jacob Zuma to Senegal

A new version of our PowerPoint presentation has been uploaded and can be viewed by clicking on the Link

You are welcome to contact us should you require additional information

“Train the unemployed to build for the homeless”

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