Innovate Africa-moladi

Innovate Africa-moladi

CNBC Innovate Africa

CNBC Innovate Africa

moladi has been invited by CNBC AFRICA to participate in the show “Innovate Africa” - As the title suggests the show focuses on innovation in Africa.  This particular recording the emphasis is on Innovation in the Construction and Building Industry in Africa (new materials, new designs, innovative building techniques etc.)  and who else more equipped to participate other than our CEO, Hennie Botes.

According to the Southern African Innovation Network, South African inventors have a lot to be proud of. Some of these ingenious creations have appeared in magazines, via online education platforms or on television documentaries. Innovate Africa will showcase a wide range of topics that will uncover some of the hidden innovative projects aimed at releasing untapped potential in Africa.

“These brilliant people have indirectly touched the lives of so many, both at home and across the globe,” says CNBC Africa chief editor, Godfrey Mutizwa. “Innovate Africa focuses on Africa specific technology innovations and inventions, highlighting Africa’s technology success stories.”  This episode highlights Africa's inventive spirit and looks at solutions to some of Africa’s greatest challenges.

The show will be broadcast tonight, Tuesday 12 November at 21:30 on CNBC Africa, channel 410 on DStv.

The re-broadcast times are Saturday 16 November at 17:00 PM and Sunday 17 November at 9:30 AM on CNBC Africa, channel 410 on DStv. 
To have a look at how we do what moladi does - Disruptive Innovative Technology

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